Test local environment (DDEV, Lando, Docksal)

You can test your local site even before you deploy to some shared environment.

The easiest way to test the local development environment is to set up the ngrok tunnel and take custom screenshots from it.

Set up ngrok

If you like, I can share with you Diffy's account for testing purposes. Once it works, you can purchase your Personal license yourself.

  1. Create an account at https://ngrok.com/ and purchase the license

  2. Install ngrok locally (for Mac, it is simple brew install ngrok)

  3. Populate auth code locally ngrok config add-authtoken <your token>

DDEV setup

Now, you can expose your local site globally by running ddev share

For other environments, please check the documentation. Here is an article for Lando. For Docksal similar command fin share (documentation).

Remember to copy the URL from ngrok.

Create custom screenshot with Diffy

Now, you can create screenshots from a custom environment. Specify the URL you got from ngrok.

Important notice: We can easily overload your local environment if you set the number of non-production workers to 5.

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