GitHub Tugboat

Once you configured Tugboat to build your environments it is really easy to add Diffy visual testing to check those environments.

We have an example at

Once you have your environment ready (after all cache rebuild, config import) you need to trigger:

- wget -O /usr/local/bin/diffy
- chmod +x /usr/local/bin/diffy
- diffy auth:login ${DIFFY_API_KEY}
- diffy project:compare ${DIFFY_PROJECT_ID} prod custom --env2Url="${TUGBOAT_SERVICE_URL}" --commit-sha=${TUGBOAT_PREVIEW_SHA}

For this you need to configure two Tugboat variables:

DIFFY_API_KEY to be generated from

DIFFY_PROJECT_ID it is your project id. You can find it under project settings, General tab

Diffy configuration

In order for Diffy to post results back to GitHub as a check you need to add github repo to Diffy's Project settings under Notifications / GitHub and authenticate Diffy's GitHub check by visiting

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